Here I was supposedly cutting back on eating sweets when I get a nudge from a few close friends to start blogging. Now what does blogging have to do with eating sweets? Well, someone had to sample all of the great desserts that I share with you guys; so I had fallen off the wagon before barely getting a foot on! But in the last year I have had some health issues and decided to be a lot more conscious about what I'm consuming. After eliminating refined sugars and bad carbs it prompted me to change my blog from a dessert blog to a blog about good eating...period.

The idea for blogging originally came about because because I was always taunting my Facebook family with photos of the desserts I made when entertaining. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking but, more importantly, I LOVE TO EAT!

Presently, I own a graphic design company in Charlotte, NC. But...I love anything that involves creativity, which is why creating delicious food is high on my list of passions. Virtual Illustrations is the graphic design business. So when I was trying to come up with something crafty for the baking venture, Virtually Everything Sweet is what hit me. But today, the blog has a new name...Sweet Treats n' Good Eats.

This blog is created to share my love of food and my cooking experiences with you. Hopefully you will be inspired to try your hand at some of these recipes so you can wow your friends and family. Happy cooking!