Must Haves

So, you know how O has her Favorite Things? Well, here are a few of my favorite things that I think are essential in every baker's kitchen.

Wake up to the smell of bread baking in your kitchen! The Sunbeam Bread Maker is a fairly inexpensive gift, particularly considering how much bread costs from week to week in the store. Buy from Sunbeam.

What is better than homemade ice cream? One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is this ice-cream maker by Cuisinart. It typically runs for about $79.95 and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

This is my absolute favorite gift of all time! The Kitchen Aid mixer is a necessity for any baker, in my personal opinion. Price ranges from $269.00-529.00, depending on the quart size and type of features you are looking for.

You can find loaf pans in almost any department or warehouse store but I am particularly fond of this non-stick loaf pan from Ikea. This pan is typically is around $1.99.

Buy this zester/grater to shred chocolate, citrus fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and cheese. Price is typically around $14.99.

Buy this Stainless 5-Cup Sifter from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It has an easy handle and I love the fact that it is dishwasher safe. Priced around $9.99.

I usually have three to four cake rounds handy for layer cake baking. Priced around $7.99.

Be sure to purchase a springform pan for your cheesecake baking. Priced around $17.99.